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The Taste of Fire is an upcoming fantasy furry based (18+) visual novel. It is still in development  so expect assets, music and GUI interface to change in the future.

You play Sam (name can be modified), a young man who is yearning for a better life.  As he sets out on a journey to change his life he is saved by none other than a dragon, who shares his ambitions as he embarks on a journey to change his life too. With this new found acquaintanceship, are these plans still set?

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Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(298 total ratings)
AuthorVermin Charr
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDragons, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Medieval, NSFW, vn
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


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TToF-0.10-pc.zip 97 MB
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I was a bit skeptical due to the cliche "Human MC meets his dream furry husband" but its quite good actually. I just really hope the main character can keep on growing and developing further into someone indenpendent and that the world and its lore is further explored. And that we have the choice to freely top or bottom not be forced to bottom no matter what because this is getting extremelly tiresome in every single fucking visual novel

Honestly I love how in the latest update the protag's not only empathetic but also assertive and I am very here for it. Too often in these games the LI is meant to be ultimately right even if they're being a bastard and I like the back and forth between the two here. Thank you for acting like adults.

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Nah bc this visual novel had me on my toes, cry, feel angry and jealous, made me sick to my stomach

no other vn ever did that to me this was a whole rollercoaster of emotions and i cant even comprehend what happened

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I really like the VN and looking forward to the next parts, but I have one criticism


Every Build Ends with a fight or a kidnapping. I know it’s for story telling purposes, bat after some time it leaves a dry aftertaste.

(Sorry for mistakes, english isn’t my native language and and no, I don’t know how to properly mark the spoiler)

Is this like a route thing or are you just set on one person?

wen do we get bild 10


It was supposed to be on December 30th, but I've read somewhere on their Discord that someone from the team got sick so it was delayed. I'm not 100% sure that this information is true (and the build 0.10 was already released on Patreon), but that's the only info I could find... I hope everyone in the team is safe and healthy though! And I also can't wait to play the newest update, but it can't be helped >.<


ok, serious question, what does fire actually taste like. do i just have to lick my stove?


probably like pain 😅

Hot and sexy


i can't think any but it would taste like hot peppers XD


Why did I develop a crush on Valos…


same, was literally the first 5 mins of the game I just knew

been reading since version 0.5 or so. Love the story and the way it builds up. Very well written and always eager to read more.
Already finish the new update (patron supporter) very nicely added. 
Keep up the great work.


When is the next update?


Hi, co-writer here. The public build will be available on 30th of December. 


thank you for the information

Ah, was there some delay maybe?

Hope everyone in the team is alright!


Amazing story that pulled me in quickly without feeling rushed. Natural characters in a world of the perfect amount of tropes, fitting and visual-pleasing art, so many things are well-executed here. Many thanks for what you have created and shared with us.

I was expecting but not really focused on the nsfw aspect (honestly, the scalie aspect gave me pause before I started-not much thankfully & hot damn am I glad I left that foolishness in the past lol) Came for the story and appreciated the smut far more than expected. I was in the feels so much that I felt betrayed! In a good way 😄  I'll be spamming- [F5] in the corner while re-evaluating some things until update. 

Refreshing (in an unpleasant but not unenjoyable way) was the  deftly navigated line that kept me annoyed at the MC for some of the internal dialogue and choices made that are plot not player driven, but never enough to break immersion or cross the threshold of not wanting to continue. 

tl;dr: tToF is a VN showcase of precision in execution at the highest grade.

I see this is build 0.9 but I hope that 1.0 doesn't mean the end of the line as this story is super cute. 


The next version is 0.10, not 1.0 so if I have to guess it still has quite a way to go, althought I can't say for certain. The feedback is appreciated)

when will be ubdate 

30th of December


Humans are so damn ignorant, I swear.
Why are they like this...?


I've been following this game since build 0.5 or 0.6 (I'm not sure). And man, do I love this story. I absolutely fell in love with Valos and, moreover, I really enjoy MC's personality. Love how the story is going so far and the pace at which the romance develops. I can't wait for the next update!

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I've got a question about your menu, like the save and load screen and options screen, I've seen many other types of games with this same type of screen and was wondering if you use a certain system or app to make this game?

We use Renpy to create this VN.

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is there going to be love scenes with our character (sam) and the lovely dragon ?????



Since there already was a scene between Valos and Relsyn, you can bet that steamy, hot action will happen in the forseeable future :3 

Not speaking for the creators, though~

I found this game yesterday and I had forgotten how nice it was when there was already some content to binge of a great game.

Wish you team everything will be fine

There was a different menu theme in earlier releases that I really liked, do you have a file for the theme?


aree there any NSFW content? just asking to be sure :x




Can't wait to play it when the update come on


woo new build can't wait to play it


Thankyou. Wonderful game lovely characters and story. Thank you🙂

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I Have a problema instaling the Android version

Says about upgrade the app but this is the first time i download.

I already download again but is the same problema. Please help me

can you send a screenshot of the problem? I haven't heard of this error before so..

I am also having this issue with the Android version; instead of installing, it tries to install an update to an existing app, which I do not have as this' also my first time downloading this VN.

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FYI to anyone new to TToF that is having issues installing the Android version: If you have the Lunateria demo installed, you'll need to uninstall it first to install ToFF, cause both packages share the name of "com.org.androidset" :-/


how many love interest



Is it wrong that I really wanted to surrender and submit to the big massive brawny bandit 😳

No, but why would you want to do that when just a few moment later you would meet an even better husbando? :-p

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I'm really enjoying the story so far. I see some comments about the artwork but I really enjoyed the art and the world created, [spoiler] the details about the hand in the water was really nice, usually in other furry games they don't included this details about another species, so that was a nice touch. The only thing that I really hated was the scene with the two dragons which left a bitter taste in my mouth, I really disliked and felt cheated on, it honestly made me want to not get with Valos but that's just my opinion [/spoiler]. This led me to think if Valos is going to be the only love interest in this story or is it just the only one so far? I enjoyed the interactions with Hershel so maybe he could be one, if you guys are planning to add more routes.


At that point they haven't confessed anything to each other. And after that, the protagonist does feel a tinge of envy, at first, when Elsyn comes to the hideout, thinking they'll go at it again. I'm a hundred percent monogamous-minded myself, but I don't mind this at all (much less than in Adastra), especially since Elsyn is looking for his lover who may or may not be female... If scenes like that annoy you in the future, you might want to check out the youtube channel Jubilee, who recently made an episode of prostitutes/sex workers vs. purists/virgins. Regrettably the virgins were all religious, so it just makes sense for them.

It's a great channel for every adult. You'll see...

What is the save folder on android? I need to copy my save files over from my pc


Hi, when is the next update ?. Greetings


Is this game still in development or has it fallen to the wayside?


Still is. Ongoing furry visual novels take long time to make


bruh I felt like I got cheated on 


I did like what has been released so far, but why did the [spoiler] other dragon get a scene with Valos before the MC did?[/spoiler]  Feels a little like a slap in the face not gonna lie. But it's still a cute story, and i'm happy the MC isn't a complete pushover, that's always nice. Looking forward to more!


I feel like that too, like... you dont need to describe it that well or even make a cg for that.... But I guess thats what please the majority of the people who play these nsfw games... 


Hell, even a kiss or hand holding scene with Valos would be good to have before we see [spoiler] the other dragon giving him sloppy[/spoiler]. I'm not gonna have hardcore romantic feelings for this dragon when hes getting it on with other dudes, before we even had a chance to talk to him about it. The hot springs scene would have been a perfect time to even get in a quick kiss or just talk about feelings before that

Either its just a quick fap, or a part of setting that highlights the difference in moral norms between dragons and other species. Hope its the latter


I get that, but then later [spoiler] Valos says that he's had feelings for MC since they met basically, and if anything it was just a personal opinion that regardless of whether or not it's the social norm for them I personally wasn't gonna fall head over heels for him if he couldn't try to express those feelings for me first over the other dragon he's found[/spoiler]. I'm not ragging on the game or anything, I quite like the characters and world building, I was just noting the one actual complaint I did have about it so far

Seems like Amicus x Neferu situation all over again, except without a protagonist making big deal about it

The "Amicus x Neferu" scene was done to protect the MC in case shit hit the fan...But I was furious when I saw that the first time, I was about to strangle Amicus from the screen lol

Let's just hope Valos isn't a general manwhore..

big bad dragon protecting his treasure (us) 0w0


I like your VN..  the character style art.. This is my truth feed back not gonna lie, it nice story line  and may be you add some background art especially it the forest scene and the transition of the character when gone or appear in the screen ( for me its annoy me a little) and the expression of the character you may work that.. Little work.. And i experience a minor bug 

OVERALL : yeah this VN is highly recommended and i love it specifically in fantasy vn.. Like this. And thank you for sharing im always looking forward.... Sending virtual hug to u.. ❤️❤️ (sorry for bad English, because English is not my native language) 


When is the next public build going to be released? Can you make a gallery we can look at in the VN?


We're currently planning for a public release in late May and a patron release in early May. Yes, we are working on an art gallery, which I hope to have ready for the next public release!


This is pretty good, I like it, though its a shame.  The rhino looks very good but unfortunately he's a jerk cuz I really like the look of him.  I guess there's no chance of changing him though could have made a nice April 1st joke that he gets what he wants.  What a shame guess I'll just keep it a fantasy LoL the rest is still coming together nicely so keep up the good work

Daaaaaaammmnnn This is Crazy i Thought ive Been Reading VN Like Forever anyone Alike Us Do That...







Just Me Okay ;-;


Dang I was really shipping valos and the fox too... /j

i love the story and stupid question but when come the next update O.O

I love the story and I loved the most recent update. Looking forward to the next one!


Every month I read a new chapter,I get more and more into the story and art designs. I only have three words to say, stupendous,marvelous and astonishing.

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